World TB Day 2016


          UMdL participates at the World TB Day 2016 organizied by the Stop TB Partnership and supported by the World Health Organization (WHO) and by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

This year UMdL actively collaborated with Stop TB Partnership  in Italian tranlsation of Campaign posters available at:

Key slogans of 2016 Campaign are: Unite to end TB; 10 millions lives; What do Nelson Mandela and Jane Austen have in common?; Paradigm shifts to end TB; End the global TB epidemic in 1 generation; End the global TB epidemic by 2030; No less than 90%; Our time is now; Yes: together we can bring the global TB epidemic to an end.

Lastest information about TB, the WHO End TB Strategy, and the Sustainable Development Goals are available on WHO website: WHO – Media Center – Tuberculosis Fact sheet N°104 Reviewed March 2016.

WHO data about Italy show a TB mortality rate (in no HIV-positive people) of 0.44 (0.43-0.44) cases every 100,000 people, an overall TB incidence of 6 (5.2-6.8) cases every per 100,000 people. These and further data are availableon WHO  database: Tuberculosis country profiles.

WORLD TB DAY 2016: UNITE TO END TB Join the 2016 Campaign!

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WHO – END TB Strategy (here link to .pdf form)


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