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The material hosted in this site has the purpose to promote a constant  growth of the project “Updating Medicina del Lavoro” (UMdL).

The aim of UMdL online project (ISSN 2499-7862) is the increase of indipendent and free sharing, production and circulation of ideas and scientific information about Occupational Medicine and culture of Prevention.

Everybody who may be interested in the subjects discussed in our website and in our journal  can also actively contribute and participate in them.

Among all recipients of our activities we mainly tend toward young physicians interested in Safety, Prevention and Health at work.

The presence of the British flag in the web page indicates the simultaneous  translation in English of the information English translation. The presence of the Italian flag indicates the Italian original text Italiano.

Our e-mail addresses are:

Information for not Health Professional visitors: the information provided on UMdL website is designed to support, not to replace, the relationship that exists between a patient/site visitor and his/her Occupational physician.

The website has no commercial purpose and it is currently made only by moderators’voluntary efforts. Currently UMdL does not host or receive funding from advertisingUMdL website doesn’t have internal or external sources of funds. In the event that happens to receive funds in future it will be instantly declared on this website. There aren’t conflicts of interest.

Sometimes is possible to see some advertising banners on UMdL webiste. These banners are made by the free web hosting service of These banners allow to help pay the bills and they keep free features free (here more information on WordPress Ads Policy). For these reasons all the advertising banners are made by the free Web host and they are not endorsed by the site editor.

UMdL website in order to networking people interested in Occupational and Preventive Medicine allows users to interact and collaborate with each other and with editorial board with some Web 2.0 elements (more information about this here).

Privacy Policy: every personal information voluntarily provided to this website, including one’s own identity, remains confidential. We respect the law(s) on confidentiality applicable to this website (hosted in EE.UU) and we will never pass on these data to any third party, unless required by law.

This website is hosted in the Blogging Platform (EE.UU). Using this platform, both the Authors of UMdL and You (reader or participant) are subject to conditions present both in Terms of Service and in Automattic Privacy Policy. The platform uses cookies (information from Italian Data Protection Authority) only for statistical purpose and to improve the service. All data are visible to us only in anonymous and aggregated form based on policy; we don’t know specific data about visitors access (individual IP adress, or more); e know the email address only if You want to leave a comment, participate in UMdL or contact us. Remember also that you are free/ you can choose / you have the task of blocking unwanted cookies (from every website) thanks to an appropriate browser configuration.

The same information about coockies and privacy policy are provided also at the end of the right sidebar in the main page (

Disclosure of funding sources – There are no external sources of founding. The coordinator, all moderators, and participants are volunteers.

The coordinator ( and all moderators have no conflicts of interests to declare.


 Last updated 08/30/2017



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