Our principles:

  • Art and Science are free and free they should be to be taught to everybody.
  • Working people´s health has to be protected always and regardless of any costs.
  • This journal and this website purposes are to promote the free circulation of contents in Occupational Medicine  publishing scientific materials provided free by voluntaries.
  • Each issue and all website content are available in an Open Access  version (to clarify further on Open Access there is a specific  link).
  • Everybody (post-graduate students, researchers, professors and  physicians interested in Occupational Medicine, savants in the subject,…) can submit material so that it can be included on the journal and/or on the webiste (at no charge at all!).
  • Guidelines and suggestions for the authors are provided on the section General Information section as well as rules for submitting material.
  • All contents are make free available for anybody who is interested.
  • This journal doesn’t have any commercial purposes.
  • No Potential conflicts of interest related to Editorial board and Journal Staff are present and there is complete Editorial Freedom.
  • The number of issues per year is 4 but it´s regularity depends on the amount of information and time organized by the publishing volunteers.

 Last updated 03/31/2015

The journal agree to:

Guidelines by CRUI – Italian Libraries Commission, Open Access Group for Open Access journal based on Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities;


Licenza Creative Commons

Updating medicina del lavoro by Project Updating Medicina del Lavoro (Specializing School in Occupational Medicine at Siena University) is licensed by Creative Commons Attributipn 4.0 International License;
based on a work at



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