Translations, summaries and assemblage


Guidelines * for good quality translations, summaries, extracts  and “assemblage” useful to answer specific question(s) of valuable published scientific articles and documents or summaries of Medical Degree, Doctorate or Residency thesis:

  • Title should be  as much as possible short, clear, specific, not ambiguous and must reflect the content of the article.
  • List of authors is composed by all people who contributed substantially to conception, fulfillment, interpretation of data, critical writing and final approbation of the whole work. The authors are listed with full name, qualification, affiliation  (during the study) and e-mail addresses for correspondence.
  • Title, source, all the authors of the original article(s) or document(s) should be clearly provided at the beginning of the work.
  • Abstract (like an introduction) should specify the reason(s) of the translation, summary or “assemblage” achieved.

* Suggestions could be provided  from EASE Guidelines for Authors and Translators of Scientific Articles to Be Published in English, June 2013, by European Association of Science Editors (EASE).



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