Guidelines on cancer prevention Occupational Carcinogens – Tuscany, Italy (2016 updated)


Linee guida prevenzione oncologica Cancerogeni Occupazionali - Regione Toscana

          UMdL recommend  “Guidelines on cancer prevention about Occupational Carcinogens: prevention and discovery of occupational cancer” realized by Tuscany Region, Italy in 2016.

This document represents an updating and a further enrichment of “Guidelines on cancer prevention about Occupational Carcinogens (last updated 2014)“.

Main topics of the 2016 Guidelines are: the too big number of not reported occupational cancers  and strategies to avoid this in Italy. There are also analysis on: asbestos, exposure to Ultaviolet (UV) radiation, exposure to ionizing radiation, and exposure to crystalline form of silica.

A summary of the Guidelines will be available soon on UMdL.

A summary of the 2014 Guidelines on Occupational Carcinogens made by Dr. Sveva Indini and by Dr. Gabriele D’Hauw is  available at this link (only in Italian).