Forest activities and Farming, Safety and Prevention: guidelines from Tuscany Region


There are available* the recent document Tuscany Region: Forest Yard Safety and Health Operating Guidelines and the previous one Tuscany Guidelines for Prevention and Safety in Forest activities   (original documents are linked above to cover pictures and titles). Both Guidelines concern multifaceded aspects of prevention and security in forest floor activities with special attention to used working tools and  machineres. We recommend also the “Safety School Manuals” those provide different Safety and  Deepening Data Sheets on specific agricultural activities. These documents were made by a fruitful collaboration  between High School Institutes and some USL Services scattered around Tuscany (mainly by the efforts of Azienda USL 3 from Pistoia). Here the links for each ones: The Olive tree-growingThe olive-press and olives-processingThe apicolture, The forestry and the forest activitiesViticultureThe sunflower-farmingThe industrial tomato farming, * Special thanks to Azienda USL 7 from Siena for suggestions.



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