European Researchers’Night 2014


Logo Notte dei Ricercatori in ToscanaToday UMdL agrees with the European Researchers’Night 2014 promoted by European Commission since 2005. In more than 300 cities around Europe there are a lot of events planned for this event.

Also in Italy almost 30 cities  contribute to La Notte dei Ricercatori in Italia 2014. Tuscany partecipates with The Project named BRIGHT 2014  promoted by the Universities of  Siena, Florence and Pisa. The Project aims to put in contact families, young peole, children and “mature” people with the charming Research’s World.  The day programme activities provide the involvment of participants with all the five senses.

All the activities in Siena can be found here:

Now, unfortunately, researchers are a category of workers with some problems like other ones in Italy.  Passion, curiosity and sharing knowledge are three fundamentals for all people involved in Research and they are also at the basis of our project Updating Medicina del Lavoro. We are strongly persuaded that raise awareness of Research importance also increase people well-being.

Starting from this afternoon join to the Event!



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