Conference “Quality in Occupational Medicine”, October 9th 2017, Siena



Locandina Qualità in Medicina del Lavoro- Siena 9 ottobre 2017 per pc sala


On Monday 9th of October 2017,  the Conference “Quality in Occupational Medicine” will be held in Siena at Siena City Hospital (Classroom n°1).

The main theme will be observed from different point of views (clinical, professional, organizational, legal, economical, and of social solidarity and utility). The event represents also an opportunity for proposals and/or for  promotion of  improvements in this field in Italy.

Lecturers, moderators, personalities, and auditors will be an expression of the multi-faceted environment on Safety and Health at Work. Here the programme and here the participants’list.

Architect” of this Day is Professor Giuseppe Battista.

The event is organized by Specializing School in Occupational Medicine at University of Siena and Pisa, University Hospital of Siena,  Italian Society in Occupational Medicine (Tuscany section), CUPreL (University Centre of Study and Development for  Workers’ Prevention and Protection Systems).

Participation is open to all interested in Safety and Health at Work. The Conference is under the High Patronage of the European Parliament, and his supported by the Tuscany Region, the Municipality of Siena, the USL Tuscany south-east, INAIL (Tuscany Region Section), Anmil, and ANMA.

The event is an ideal continuation of the today 67th National Day for Victims of Workplace accidents, promoted by Anmil and supported, among others, by INAIL. This year motto is: “Change the story. Invest in Safety. Give life a value”. The main manifestation will be held in Cagliary (there are also other manifestations at regional level; e.g., in Tuscany it is in the little city of Cetona). Data from the official website of the Day by INAIL “… in the first 7 months of this year (compared to 2016) there is an increase of injuries at work of 1.3% and an increase of deaths at work of 5.2%”.

Lucio Fellone ( 08/10/2017

Here the brochure in .pdf

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