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We are Occupational physicians and resident physicians in Occupational Medicine at Siena University.

The project “Updating Medicina del Lavoro” was conceived after the involvement of  few of us at the III National Congress of Italian Occupational Medicine Postgraduate School (Ancient Cathedral, Milazzo, Sicily, May 14-15 2012).

Our professor and director Dott. Giuseppe Battista, was and still is an important inspiration for us on this endeavour.

Currently the official editorial board of the journal consists on 3 occupational physicians: Federica D’Ippolito,  Lucio Fellone (coordinator and co-founder with Prof. Giuseppe Battista),  and Ilaria Pierattelli.  However  all  of our colleagues  from Occupational Medicine Postgraduate School of Siena contribute importantly on the project.

Our purpose is to increase the involvement and the contribution  to the project with post-graduate students, researchers, professors and  physicians interested in Occupational and Preventive Medicine, people interested in an independent and free circulation, production and sharing of  scientific information and ideas.

We hope to have a positive feed-back and participation from other universities and also from young and less young professionals and expert in the matter.

Lucio Fellone



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