64th National Day for Deaths and Injuries at Work


64a Giornata Nazionale per le Vittime degli Incidenti sul Lavoro 2014

On October 12th 2014 Italy will celebrate the  64th  National Day for Deaths and Injuries at Work promoted by National Association between People Disabled at Work (ANMIL) under the High Patronage of the President of the Italian Republic. This event, since 1951, is an opportunity for memory, for awareness, for careful consideration and take action. Against these annual work tragedies is necessary a co-operation between workers, employers, institutions and all people involved in Occupational Health. On april 24th 1998 the Day was istituzionalized by a Prime Minister Directive.

This year the main national demonstration will be in Florence. Every  ANMIL section scattered around the Italy will publicly  celebrate the anniversary. Also ANMIL section of Siena takes an active part in the Day (the Siena agenda in pdf). Join in everybody! All welcome!

In 2014, in less than 10 months and 10 days, the Italian deaths at work reported by press were 290 (just shy of a life a day!). Total amount of accidents and people with disability were considerably higher. Here the official page “Deaths and Injuries at Work” constantly updating.

We partecipate to the Day sharing again our logo from the poster : “Workers’ lives cannot be erased !!! Safety and Prevention help lives being saved”.

White Deaths



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