World TB Day 2019




UMdL participates at the World TB Day 2019 organized by the Stop TB Partnership and supported by the World Health Organization (WHO) and by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Also this year thanks to Stop TB Partnership, Campaign materials are available at:

Publications_page_GTB_2018This year report on tubercolosis by WHO is the Global Tuberculosis Report 2018. Last WHO Guidelines on tuberculosis infection prevention and control, 2019 update are available on the official WHO website. Last WHO document about Latent TB Infection (LTBI) is Latent TB Infection : Updated and consolidated guidelines for programmatic management

The theme of World TB Day 2019 is – ‘It’s time’ – puts the accent on the urgency to act on the commitments made by global leaders to: Scale up access to prevention and treatment; Promote equitable, rights-based and people-centered TB response; Ensure sufficient and sustainable financing including for research; Promote an end to stigma and discrimination; Build accountability.

On September 26th 2018, the UN Headquarter in New York City hosted the first-ever United Nations High-Level Meeting on TB under the theme: “United to end tuberculosis: an urgent global response to a global epidemic“. The General Assembly adopted the Declaration of the first-ever United Nations High Level Meeting on TB. More than 1,000 people attended the UN High-Level Meeting on TB 2018 with 15 Heads of State/Government, more than 100 ministers/country delegations, more than 360 civil society representatives and other stakeholders (among them Updating medicina del lavoro), and 10 UN agencies. More information about the event are available on the WHO official website.

Furthermore TB will be also one of the main topics of the coming United Nations High-Level Meeting on Universal Health Coverage on  September 23th 2019. Tuberculosis, like Malaria and AIDS, is predominantly a disease of poorest, vulnerable, criminalised, stigmatised, and marginalised people, TB is a strong indicator of how equitable a country’s health system is. During the UN HLM 2019 there will be a request for further governments’ commitment and more Global Fund to fight and to end the disease.

2017 WHO data about Italy show a TB mortality rate (in no HIV-positive people) of 0.57 (0.56-0.58) cases every 100,000 people, an overall TB incidence of 4.4 (3.8-5.1) cases every 100,000 people. These and further data are available on WHO  database: Tuberculosis country profiles.

WORLD TB DAY 2019: UNITE TO END TB  Join the 2019 Campaign!

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